The last KRD race before Covid19 hit.  This festival was open to the whole club, with the competitive teams getting first choice.  It was a great venue in a beautiful setting. Wine was tasting set up on the beach the night before with a number of great Okanagan Wineries participating and the weather was perfect. 

The flag race is a fun, though competitive race that ended up being a great time for an end of season festival. This link will take you to an article by Vanessa Broadbent of the Osoyoos Times and has a very good explanation of exactly what a ‘Flag Race’ is.

At the end of the race day an Alberta mixed Rep team – under 25, made a challenge to race across the lake and back (est. 2km) Stepping up to the challenge was a myriad of paddlers from different teams including a few KRD keeners. Being granted a 1minute start; they were off!  It was a hard 10 minute paddle and the Alberta team won but it was a good end to a very fun day. 

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