Nelson BC's FIRST Dragon Boat Club

A diverse group of people, including breast cancer survivors, their friends, family, and supporters, who want to share in the activity of paddling and the team mission

Registration starts annually in March

About Us

The Kootenay Rhythm Dragons are Nelson’s first dragon boat team. The team building began in the fall of 2003, and the momentum has continued to build. Each year we continue to grow and develop our team.

KRD is made up of a diverse group of people, including breast cancer survivors, their friendsfamily, and supporters, who want to share  in the activity of paddling and the team message.

There is lots of interest in our team, and we are hoping that we can inspire others to take up Dragon Boating in Nelson. Each year we bring more members aboard and welcome each and everyone!


Empowerment, optimum health and wellbeing.


To raise awareness of all cancers and promote the sport of Dragon Boating for the enrichment of self, KRD and the community


To raise awareness of all cancers
To improve health and well being
To celebrate life and have fun

Breast Cancer And Dragon Boat Racing:
The Story Behind A Movement

In the ancient sport of dragon boat racing, an unexpected group of athletes has emerged - breast cancer survivors. But this is no ordinary race. It's a challenge to the medical wisdom that repetitive upper body motion, like paddling, could cause a condition called lymphedema.

Dr. Susan Harris and Dr. Don McKenzie, two pioneers in the field of exercise and lymphedema, have recruited two dozen women to paddle with them and challenge the myth.

With no studies to prove the connection between exercise and lymphedema, they took a bold step and started training for the dragon boat race. Will they be able to prove the naysayers wrong and show the world what breast cancer survivors are truly capable of?

Celebrating 20 Years of KRD 2004-2024

"Watch for our 20 years celebration in the upcoming season!"

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