"It is said that a picture portrays a thousand words, scroll down and take a browse…"

We invite you to explore the visual journey of our team’s growth and camaraderie since our inception in 2003. Our gallery captures the spirit of our diverse and supportive community, which includes breast cancer survivors, friends, family, and dedicated supporters who have come together to share the joy of dragon boating.


As you browse through our collection, you’ll witness the smiles, determination, and unity that define our team. We hope these images inspire you to be a part of the dragon boating experience in Nelson. We continue to welcome new members each year, and we look forward to welcoming you to our dynamic and enthusiastic community!


‘News and Events’ will migrate to the ‘Gallery’ along with other content that members would like to see posted. We welcome input from present and past members. Should you have something to contribute please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ page and someone will be in touch with you at their earliest convenience to make arrangements to get it uploaded posted.

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